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FAQ- Why multiple applications?

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

We talked nutrients in our last episode, and how microbes can help make available what’s in your soil.

But if this is the case, why does BioSaphe recommend multiple applications of both microbes and nutrient fertilizers? In this episode we will answer these questions!

Microbes are living organisms. They’re working on the job 24-hrs eating, breaking down nutrients, and yes—because they have short lifespans, dying. You could essentially say they work until they die. It is the natural route for all living organisms and it just so happens that because microbes are so small, they are sensitive to conditions like sunlight, heat, dryness, drowning, etc. Because of this, we want to make sure that our customers are not losing a single moment in helping their turf develop. We suggest letting the microbes run their course, and then before they expire—apply the next supplement to keep the process going. It is extremely important to stay on schedule in order to get the best results for beautiful healthy turf. We want these microbes to reach their full life purpose, and to not die in vain!

So if microbes help break down nutrients that may already be in the soil, why is it important to add fertilizers too? The reason for this is because we do not always know how the soil is starting out. This is also why we recommend a soil test before consultation and ordering so we can help you decide on the best strategy. We always start out with the stereotypical basic Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium mixture because these are absolutely essential to happy plants. We want to guarantee that there are plenty of these nutrients to help your grass grow while the microbes are busy at work breaking down other nutrients. Why restrict yourself to a can of food a day, when you can have three meals everyday? Your plants feel the same way. Let them eat while those microbes are working, and let them eat more as the microbes make available more nutrients. Our main fertilizer is called Boost, containing the primary nutrients and has a touch of molybdenum—which does what you may ask? Molybdenum can play a variety of roles, one of which helps nitrogen fixing bacteria convert non-useful forms of nitrogen to useful forms of nitrogen for plants.

Other nutrient supplements will be recommended accordingly on a consistent schedule, to ensure the maximum health of your grass. For example, our product “Sustain” is a Zinc supplement. We will talk in future episodes about the deep importance of Zinc in plant development and growth. We are still working on developing new products to help cater to the needs of personal fields.

Stay tuned next few episodes on soil orders and soil types! Every soil is unique. Some have even said soil itself is a living, breathing organism. Find out how soil differs based on age, environment, and geological make-up!

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