Commercial Products

All of Biosaphe's products were specially created to help with a variety of soil and turf needs, but what makes us different? Our program uses fertilizer blends in combination with mother nature's fertilizer-organic microbes.

For information about our tailored treatment programs, prices, or safety data sheets and technical labels, speak with one of our representatives or request an email.

  • Baseline h2o

    This is our main microbial product and is essential for healthy and organic plant nutrition. Many nutrients in the soil are in a form that plants can’t uptake. The microbes in Baseline are responsible for breaking down the nutrients that are already present into a form that plants can actually uptake – something that fertilizers cannot do. Baseline also helps root growth. As roots deepen, the soil becomes stronger, and more able to get nutrients in places it previously couldn't have grown into. Water is conserved and the amount of unnecessary chemicals decreases. Baseline is registered organic input material.

  • Boost

    Boost is a complete fertilizer. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and molybdenum. It is 100% water soluble, non-corrosive, seed safe, chloride free, and has a pH that is nearly neutral. Nitrogen and phosphorus aid in photosynthesis. Potassium helps regulate the opening and closing process of the stomata so the plant can breathe, but not get dehydrated. Molybdenum helps nitrogen fixing bacteria convert non-useful forms of nitrogen to useful forms of nitrogen. Overall, Boost is the perfect balance for quick energy and lasting nutrition.

  • knockout

    KnockOut is a specialty product full of microbes which helps with the overall health of the soil and can aid in preventative degradation of soil and turf. For specific details on this specialty product, please talk to one of our representatives today. This is registered organic input material.

  • pre-workout

    This specialty product is part of our “Shock Absorber Package”. Plants go through what is called a “Transplant Shock” when they move from one environment to another. This liquid product is packed full of potassium filled sugar cane molasses to make your plants transition from the sod farm to your turf easy. This takes out the waiting time, and the anxieties that come with putting in new turf. This is registered organic input material.

  • recharge

    This is a micronutrient solution recommended for turf that is lacking key plant nutrients. ReCharge contains healthy vitamins for your plants. It contains boron for structural growth and copper to activate enzymes which allows respiration. It also includes iron to make chlorophyll for photosynthesis, Manganese for nitrogen metabolism, and Zinc to help development.

  • sans sal

    This special solution is good for salty soils, specifically sodic soils. Sans Sal helps water uptake in plants by moving salt down through the soil profile and away from irrigation areas. High saline soils typically exist with high clay content soils and/or weathered soils. Using Sans Sal at our recommended rates reduces salt near the roots and creates a more balanced soil.

  • shred

    This microbial product was specifically designed to break down dead organic matter and turn it into organic nutrients for your turf. It is a liquid mulcher that helps break down the “thatch” layers that build up between soil and turf, making it useful for plant uptake and nutrients. This is registered organic input material.

  • sustain

    This proprietary solution helps growth and development in your grass by breaking down nutrients that are already available in your soil using Zinc. Zinc is absolutely necessary in the development process of plants. Because you cut your grass and it never has a chance to flower, it stays young and is constantly developing. Zinc helps by developing deep roots, and strong blades.

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